Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beautiful Manteca...

     Despite some mishaps with luggage and credit cards, and having only a brief but highly acclaimed cameo from Taylor Perron, the first day of the trip was a great start! We had a short drive to Manteca, the home of nearly every fast food chain you can name, and got $600+ dollars worth of groceries for 15 people. We finished off the day by eating at an awesome taqueria with absurd portion sizes. Super stars who finished their meals: Ben Mandler, Madonna Yoder, and Max Collinet. Good showing from Kelly Kochanski and Paul Richardson (who also has the honor of naming this blog), but ultimately they were defeated by their "Wet Burritos."

Epic taqueria in Manteca
Onwards and upwards to Yosemite!


  1. Awesome! Also I hope none of you guys get the plague

  2. Thie blog is super lame.

    Madison's Dad.